Community Needs Outreach

Via Community Needs Outreach Services

Unlike other senior centers in our area, the Via Center is a private, non-profit organization. We receive only a small part of our funding from the public sector. We must generate our own income to provide programs and community outreach services for the more than thousands of seniors and community users we serve each year.

  • GrandFriends Adult Daycare Program

  • Veterans Daycare

  • Drive-through Community Food Distributions/Emergency Food Pantry

  • Transportation

  • Neighbor-to-Neighbor check in service

  • Outreach to Seniors in Income-based Housing

  • Information & Assistance

  • Veterans Programs

  • Onsite Cafeteria

    Dauphin Street Cafe

  • Intergenerational Programs

  • Volunteer Guardian Program

Professional Affiliations

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