Community Services

Our Community Needs Outreach Division houses the following programs and services:

Community Needs Services:

* Center for Generational Studies. Formalized partnership with the University of South Alabama Programs in Gerontology and the Via Center to research and create solutions for issues that affect seniors and their families across generations.

• GrandFriends Adult Daycare Program

• Veterans Daycare (currently have 5 Veterans enrolled)

• Emergency food pantry

• Senior public housing programs at all four sites

• Neighbor-to-Neighbor call/check in service

• Transportation

• Cafeteria

• Information and referral

• Disaster resource center

• Veterans programs

• Corporate Wellness programs

 For more information on our Community Services and to see if you qualify, please call 251-470-5232.

Our Information and Referral Program offers knowledgeable information on topics and services for older adults and provides referrals to other community resources.

For our information about our Referral Service please call 251-470-5226.