Center for Generational Studies Livable Communities Project

The Center for Generational Studies (CGS) was founded in 2011 through a partnership with the Via Center and the University of South Alabama's Programs in Gerontology.  The Via Center is used as a living laboratory to research and create solutions for similar issues (disease, social problems) among youth, older adults and families.  Initiatives include: internships, and health and wellness programs, an annual resiliency conference and intergenerational activities such as a song ministry, art projects, dances and a yearly Mardi Gras parade.

The project, "Intergenerational Relationships, Livable Communities and Health Outcomes Impact," was funded by the Gulf States Health Policy Center (GSHPC) of the National Institutes of Health.  GSHPC is led by former U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin.   We have spent the last 16 months completing our research: conducting 300 interviews of seniors, 8 Town Halls and 6 Policy Maker Sessions.  Our research identified a key policies/elements to make communities more livable for seniors and their families, including "access to health programming that will allow seniors to remain in their own communities."   The Project Team has made presentations to state and national conferences and is currently in process of manuscript submissions.

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Via Forms Partnerships to Increase Benefits for Members

In order to provide more benefits for our members, the Via Center has partnered with the following organizations. Click on the organization listing to access websites.

National Council on the Aging (NCOA)

The Alzheimer's Foundation of America (AFA)

National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC)